The Municipal Guarantee Board (MGB) has a good reputation among stakeholders and the trust is on an excellent level, getting a rating of 4.2 on a scale of one to five. T-Media’s Trust & Reputation study examined the reputation of MGB in eight different dimensions and stakeholder support from the municipal mayors.

“The value of trust received by the Municipal Guarantee Board is exceptionally high and we rarely meet more than four grades even among the best public law entities. A high level of trust is built not only on a strong economy, but on high grades from stakeholders on sustainability, management and products, as well as services”, says Harri Leinikka, CEO of T-Media.

MGB is a public law body established by the MGB Act. MGB together with the Municipality Finance Plc (MuniFin) comprise the joint funding system of Finnish municipalities. MGB’s purpose is to safeguard and develop the joint funding system.

The study also examined how MGB has succeeded in its statutory task of securing and developing funding. The respondents considered that MGB had been very successful in this work.

The most room for improvement MGB has in its interaction skills and ability to self-reform, for which MGB reaches a moderate level on a five-step scale.

The results have been assessed in MGB from the point of view of operational development. During the survey, an amendment to the MGB Act related to the financing of wellbeing services counties was underway, which was the subject of a lively discussion in the municipal field.

“At MGB, development work and related interaction with different stakeholders focused on the preparation of legislation. Feedback is valuable, and in the future, it will be justified for MGB to improve interaction with municipal sector and wellbeing services counties. This will be emphasised as the health and social services reform enters the implementation phase from the legislative phase”, says CEO Heikki Niemeläinen.

The reputation research is based on a survey conducted in November 2021. Replies for the survey were requested from the directors of the member municipalities of MGB, the finance directors of the 20 largest Finnish municipalities, the finance directors of hospital districts and the state officials involved in the operation of MGB. The reputation score has a margin of error of +/- 0.10 units.

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MGB, CEO Heikki Niemeläinen (040 589 8348)
T-Media, CEO Harri Leinikka (040 505 5001)

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