The Municipal Guarantee Board’s new invoicing address


The Municipal Guarantee Board will process and archive its purchase invoices only in electronic format from 1 April 2019. We hope to receive all invoices as e-invoices via our e-invoicing operator OpusCapita Solutions Oy.

E-invoicing details:
Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)
E-invoice address: 003710755837
Business ID: 003710755837

Invoices in pdf-format:
If the pdf-invoice contains attachment pages, they must be included in the same file with the actual invoice.

Paper invoices:
Kuntien takauskeskus – The Municipal Guarantee Board
(OpusCapita skannauspalvelu)
PL 1282800062 LASKUTUS
Please note that the address must be printed both on the actual invoice and the envelope. Please do not send any other material except invoices to the scanning address


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